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Strategic Plan

Belong. Discover. Serve. Excel. — Strategic Plan, 2023-2028

Southwest Baptist University's Board of Trustees approved the current strategic plan in October 2023, setting a trajectory for the university that will culminate in its 150th year of training the next generation in 2028. The plan is built on the four key themes of Belong, Discover, Serve, and Excel, centered on the motto of 'Students First.'

Vision Statement

By its sesquicentennial in 2028, Southwest Baptist University will be a regional institution of choice, known for its transformational student outcomes, excellent return on financial investment, and its vibrant campus culture.

Our Motto

Students First

Strategic plan graphic with belong, discover, serve, excel

Cultivate a community where people BELONG.

Because Jesus is at the center of who we are, we must cultivate a caring community where his welcome is experienced. By focusing on institutional culture, we will renew the strong bonds of belonging that fuel the anchievement of our students, faculty, and staff.

  1. Enhance SBU’s Christ-centered culture to attract and retain students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and interests. 
  2. Develop value-adding experiences and activities on all campuses. 
  3. Strengthen Bolivar campus culture through comprehensive, high-quality programming for student-athletes.

Advance intellectual DISCOVERY and vocational readiness.

Because we are an academic institution preparing students for all of life, we must advance programs that fuel discover. By refining our offerings and developing market-informed programming, we will help students discover truth, goodness, and beauty and share their vocational ambitions.

  1. Promote student discovery through market-informed, relevant academic programs. 
  2. Support students in program selection, persistence and completion. 
  3. Enhance student readiness for the marketplace. 

Ready students to SERVE.

Because we launch servant leaders into a global society, we must ready students for the challenges that lie ahead. By investing in intentional leadership development, co-curricular programming, new partnerships, and service opportunities, we will prepare students with the skills and character they need to serve.

  1. Equip students with a vision and skills for servant leadership in the home, church, and world. 
  2. Provide opportunities for students to serve the community alongside faculty, staff, and other leaders. 
  3. Promote mutually beneficial relationships with churches, organizations, and corporations, domestically and internationally.

Equip SBU to EXCEL.

Because we are on the cusp of our 150th anniversary, we must equip SBU for a rapidly changing future. By modernizing our processes and infrastructure, deepening our connections to alumni and donors, and investing in our faculty and staff, we will do the hard work of ensuring that SBU is positioned to excel.

  1. Create a premier workplace through holistic development and support. 
  2. Implement efficient and effective stewardship of institutional resources. 
  3. Forge a culture of transformational giving.

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