注意: 由于天气原因,今天的课程取消了. 检查黑板上的沟通,从你的导师.






日期: 星期五,2024年5月3日

时报》: 2024年春季毕业生将举行三场毕业典礼. 下面是 授予学位的仪式时间.

  • 学士学位获得者
    • 2024年5月3日星期五上午11点
      • 上午10点到校内体育馆报到
  • 研究生学位获得者
    • 2024年5月3日,周五,下午3点
      • 下午2点到校内体育馆报到
  • 副学士学位s
    • 2024年5月3日,周五,晚上7点
      • 下午6点到校内体育馆报到

地点: All ceremonies will be held in the Jane and 肯·迈耶,健康与运动 Center on SBU玻利瓦尔校区.




每次毕业典礼都将进行直播. 下面是每个视频的链接 仪式.






All graduates will be emailed and texted their specific 仪式 times during the 春季学期的上半学期. 信件将发送到毕业生的SBU邮箱 地址和手机号码都有记录.


  • 2月24日- 4月12日
  • 4月3日
  • 4月3日
    • 拿起你的饰物(帽子、流苏、黑色长袍和紫色披肩). 校园商店 已经下了订单!
      • 玻利瓦尔的学生 - 4月3日上午10点到学校商店领取你的徽章.m. - 3 p.m.
      • 斯普林菲尔德的学生 -你的徽章
      • 山景城 & 萨勒姆的学生 - Mailed using the shipping address provided on your graduation application
  • 4月12日
    • 通知教务长办公室你想缺席毕业的愿望. 我们正在准备 for your celebration, but understand you may not be able to attend, kindly email graduation@SBUniv.edu 让我们知道. 所有获得的学位仍需支付课程结业费.
  • 4月19日
    • 检查你的账户余额. 你的账户必须全部付清才能拿到你的文凭 或记录. 请致电(417)328-1524或 cashier@SBUniv.edu 有问题的.
    • 为杰出教师投票. Vote for the person who, in your opinion, best represents distinguished teaching 在业务单位.
  • 4月30日
  • 5月2日
    • Watch for invitation to Academic Honors Event: you will receive your cords at the 仪式. 下午6点,派克礼堂. 欢迎家人和朋友参加!
  • 5月3日
    • 就在今天!
      • 单身汉
        • 9:45 a.m. - Arrive to the Intramural Gym for check-in and graduation Line-up;  wearing ALL regalia!
        • 11:00 a.m. -庆祝这个巨大的里程碑
      • 毕业生
        • 1:45 p.m. - Arrive to the Intramural Gym for check-in and graduation Line-up;  wearing ALL regalia!
        • 3:00 p.m. -庆祝这个巨大的里程碑
      •  的同事
        • 5:45 p.m. - Arrive to the Intramural Gym for check-in and graduation Line-up;  wearing ALL regalia!
        • 7:00 p.m. -庆祝这个巨大的里程碑


Regalia for Spring 2024 will be ordered by the campus store with the completion of your intention to graduate form (deadline is January 19, 2024)  and will be distributed 以下列方式:  

  • 山景城和塞勒姆校区的毕业生: Mailed using the shipping address provided on graduation application
  • 春田校区毕业生在你的校园分发
  • 玻利瓦尔校园副学士和学士学位毕业生: Distributed on the Bolivar campus in the campus store on Wednesday, 4月3日 from 上午十时至下午三时
  • 硕士、专科和博士学位: Mailed using the shipping address provided on graduation application

毕业生 are responsible to bring all of their regalia to wear on commencement day. 


Stop in the SBU校园商店 on Wednesday, 4月3日 between 上午十时至下午三时 for SBU毕业生博览会! 玻利瓦尔校园的单身汉们和副学士们都准备好了 pick up and our Jostens representative will be on hand to assist with announcement 订购. Jostens will also have their entire line of graduation products and jewelry 展出,订购可享受一天的特别折扣. 


The 教务长办公室 will be adding a special feature for our family's and guests of our Spring graduates: "毕业典礼小组" will be on campus for any gifts 你可能想为你的毕业生购买. 鲜花、毛绒玩具、项链. 订单既可以在网上下单,也可以当面下单. 




No. There is no rehearsal; therefore, all important instructions are given during 仪式开始前排队. 婚礼前1小时登记 仪式开始. If you are late to check-in, you will be placed at the end of the graduation line 也不能从你的专业毕业.

The 仪式 lineup will take place in the Intramural Gym inside of the Jane & 肯 迈耶健康 & 体育中心.

To avoid long lines, check-in for your 仪式 will open 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the 仪式开始 and close at 1 hour prior, which is when all necessary 将会有出场指示. If you are late to check-in, you will be placed at the end of the graduation line 也不能从你的专业毕业.


请务必随身携带手机. 将会有一个在线校友调查 你必须在到达仪式现场后完成排队. 我们建议你离开 all other personal belongings with a guest; however, these items can be stored in 列队的位置,因为它将在仪式期间被锁定.


  • 男士:白色正装衬衫,深色休闲裤和深色正装鞋
  • Women: Dark dress (or dark skirt/slacks and blouse) and dark dress shoes

帽子总是戴在与流苏齐平的左边. 男士会在晚上摘下帽子 times of prayer; ladies will leave caps on at all times. 这个徽章是给你的 保持.

本科学位: The stole is worn like an honor cord, draped around the neck with the seal on your 正确的. 那些接受荣誉勋章的人将把它们戴在披肩上.

Only the stoles, honor cords distributed at graduation lineup, and medals awarded to the Dutile 荣誉项目 graduates may be worn with the graduation gown. 它是 NOT appropriate to wear cords/sashes/pins/ribbons from honor societies or other organizations 在毕业典礼上.

硕士学位: Please be sure to bring your hood 和你在一起 in order for it to be presented to you 在毕业典礼上.

We are planning on your attendance as we want to celebrate this significant accomplishment 和你在一起. If you cannot attend your commencement 仪式, kindly notify the Office 2024年4月5日之前. 请电子邮件 Graduation@SBUniv.edu,说明你缺席的原因. 您将收到回复的电子邮件 五个工作日.

A minimum of 45 semester hours of credit must have been completed 在业务单位 prior to 毕业学期. 在毕业典礼上,荣誉是要计算在内的 the Institutional Grade Point Average at the beginning of your final semester.

  • 优等生:3.850-4.00
  • 优等生:3.700-3.849
  • 优等生:3名.500-3.699

After final semester grades are completed, official honors will be determined for 成绩单.

Honor cords will be distributed at the Honors Ceremony to be held on Tuesday, April 下午7点.m. 这将是一个只有受邀者才能参加的活动. 毕业生将负责 for bringing honors cords, along with all other regalia, to the commencement 仪式.

The list of graduates will be posted online, on the 媒体关系 page, once grades 已经完成了.


对于州外的报纸公告, 填妥此表格 if you would like to have a news release sent to your hometown newspaper.

Grad Images将使您可以在线购买图片. 访问 www.gradimages.com 或致电1-800-261-2576询问问题. 或者,接触 毕业生形象客户服务

想要获得购买照片的折扣,请访问 www.gradimages.com/preregistration 在毕业典礼之前,提前登记好你的毕业照.

毕业证书将在毕业后四周内颁发. 文凭的尺寸是8.5 X 11.

  • 到注册主任办公室领取: 我们鼓励你在注册办公室领取你的文凭. 请打电话给 (417) 328-1896 if you plan to pick up your diploma so that you can be notified when 它是可用的.
  • 邮件接收: Diplomas not picked up in the Registrar's Office will be mailed to the address you 在您提交在线毕业申请时提供. 如果有 a change of address since completing this application you will need to notify the 注册处.

All degrees will be granted contingent upon successful completion of all academic degree requirements, which includes the Chapel attendance requirements for graduates 并支付所有财务余额. 一旦等级确定 and finalized, diplomas will be mailed to students who have successfully completed 所有的需求.

研究生 candidates can order announcements and other graduation products anytime 在毕业典礼之前,去拜访一下Jostens.进入“宝博体育” 在“查找我的学校”提示中. 公告订单应不迟于 典礼前一个月.


在Jane前面有残疾人停车位 & 肯·迈耶,健康与运动 Center, as well as across the street in the Geneva Casebolt Music Center parking lot. 它们以先到先得的方式提供. 

There will be a designated area for special needs in the 仪式 space. 单位工作人员 will be on hand to assist with the location of these areas and to answer any questions.

是的! 将提供毕业典礼的直播. 


  • Best Western Plus, Bolivar: (417) 326-0188 (reserve by phone and ask for SBU discount)
  • Comfort Inn, Bolivar: (417) 326-6169 (reserve by phone and ask for SBU discount)
  • 玻利瓦尔乡村旅馆:(417)326-8004
  • 超级8,玻利瓦尔:(417)777-8888
  • Humansville的Barnwood Inn:(417) 754-8250


玻利瓦尔地区商会保留了部分名单 玻利瓦尔的餐馆 (属分庭会员者).